dancing bear

J. P. Dancing Bear

Two Poems


            for Donna de la Perriere

arc the air: be a fish or a hummingbird: or shapeshift: betwixt: be something new in this new light: it is about the energy: dynamo: twirl and turbine: leave a streak of lightning shadow: red pop: raise your wing-arm-fins: exaltation on a cloud or the curling questioning waves: momentous (in that you wear it): where it is sound and light and mass come together in a form: something unbeforeseen: new: and therefore so you

Angel on the Other Side

            for Jack Kimball

somewhere you imagine troubled angels walking the city: their wings too small to carry their bodies: more vestigial: they do not have heads to hold their brains: only an arrowhead: a cursor: direct: and at first you think they have holes in their chests: but this turns out to be a mirror: for which people judge themselves: in their own beliefs of right and wrong: to others it may appear like a compass: or a timepiece without hands or numbers: while others tremble: you’ve never been afraid of what you can imagine

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