Pete Leed – Engineering Cobalt Roses

Pete Leed

Engineering Cobalt Roses

Why don’t they [they can’t] just engineer it?
The time has come [or has it] to simply inform
what they have [want] is what is they have
and that’s that [or so we want]
If it’s going [electrified] over the wall
then so be it [infiltrate], time is [breathe] short
It shows the [nothingness] whole pattern [symbolic]

One two three [Fibonacii] point five [assemblage]
Eruptions [corollary] of faith [justice]
Afloat in the [in this] hallway [awkwardness]
ocean of [surrounding] insanity [florid display]
Good concept [validity] [promenade]
Admixture of [bargain] two cultures [no bargaining]
is nothing [of concern] worthy [discernable].

I will show [prove] [demonstrate] you what there is.
Why take the [unforgiving] journey [divergence]?
What do you think [conceptual] it will be?
Lets take the 9000 [charge of] out of [disband]
Retrace our [purposeful] steps [deviation]
Accommodate [release] absorb [take down]
All integrated [fully functional] connectivity [lilac]

Feel the rapture [designator] of my coax
Intercommunication [failure] system [present]
Cobalt chloride [saline] proof [conditions] of earth reveals
Pink rose [tawny] clay [brackish] incorporated
Barrenness [setting] trees cannot [should not] thrive
Appearance [supports regime] of lush [paradise]
Lines the [coastal] roads and generates [caring] ambience

Belief in royalty [submission] equates to servitude
Oil wealth [misused] millions [found] abandoned
Weapons of mass [not found] of consequence
Gulf [shared] cooperation [fraught] council
Appendages [flowing] backward [medieval]
Stoppage of time [procession] conscience
Requires forbearance [being] absurd acceptance

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