Trevor Landers – 2 Poems

Trevor Landers

2 Poems

On Leaving Dalian, China II

Passport stamped with Hanja, barely readable red ink no less,
     (ten minutes trying to decide where Ireland is though!)
   and a nosey inquisition through the other stamps…
    boarding finally complete, the ferry coughs, slips away from the wharf
      spluttering diesel fumes, dense blackness billowing from the stacks
  surprisingly, there are fish swimming in the harbour’s water
       the boat leaves the breakwaters behind
  the photographer’s vision quickly clouded
 the sickly yellow inpenetrability of Dalian’s smog
       enshrouding buildings, city, ferryboat,
              all heading toward invisibility, all in a Yellow sea.

The National Flower of Romania

this flower blooms only after dusk
at night, at night, it blooms, at night,
      I miss sulphur lights – stars
offer no safety – no matter their numbers
   nor roses the colour of heartbeats
   more like purple violets
blooming just under her skin.

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