Murray Moulding – Nude #7

Murray Moulding

Nude #7

Telescoping bugs to long shots lasted through the
prologue.  Then the eyebrows wilted.  You’d swear the
lawsuit threw a bean ball.  She vamped the epilogue
behind the time she wormed through algebra without
a buckler.  Hidden meanings teased her overbite.  Once the
hand that feeds you leads a stray no bulwark backbites.
Then off she went to cup school.  Winter came and hackles
raised a nightmare.  She’d begged for clean semesters
after failing the bomb test but everybody knows an
adenoid’s just a blunder waiting for a Kleenex.
That night she leaped a time zone in a whistle stop
without her ice man reaching for the Memphis zombie siren.
What suction!  You couldn’t twist a fatter bulldog
through a hyphen.  All the hues came out in teal running
for the hemline.  Whittles the Lizard played the crucial
tambourine on Jimmy’s thigh.  The lavender hoard approved
her leather test tube.  Gator bosoms up to snuff from Tupelo
reaching mach speed couldn’t get a wink.  The years piled on
popping out her mortgage.  Tomorrow came in grays.

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