Katie Kadue – 2 Poems

Katie Kadue

2 Poems


Coming home, I am still a stone wall.
In terms you can understand:
I am Petain,
and you shall not pass.
Your chances with me
are on the blocks.
You want to know
how it was
but you shall not pass.
What you really want to know is
how it is,
how it can be better.
We both strain with tense muscles:
yours nestled under soft folds,
mine bulging with the veins in my neck
to affirm the existence of friction.

Construction Site

The rooms here seep with tar
thinned only by the sweat
of the men on the roof.
Tarps flap like feeble sails
begging for wind and doomed
to a perpetual grovel.
They are above
but lack our height.

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