Yuri Hospodar – Love Poem in Marshmallow

Yuri Hospodar

Love Poem in Marshmallow

oh the fights of anymore and the truth
in the kitchen junkdrawer Ed would spend all night
rooting through for just one fact
protest, protest the knock on the door
when masturbating and it’s interruptus rex

I really had a spangle of moment, there,
where the canyons came clean and
the hoarse coyote yipyapped clear

but in this lesser eastern range
the wolf is dead, the bear is dead,
the deer is just a head on the wall
or eyes in the headlight

you promised me a chug chug chuggatrain
of endless journey and left me standing at the station
like a Bette fucking Midler song you bastard

I wait for the horn section and moist rescue moment
but the rain sweeps the dirt down the thin hill
as mud and slurps at boot or shoe or hope
and your long shadow is clouded
by clouds


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