Yuri Hospodar – Two Poems

Yuri Hospodar

Two Poems

I Found This Title In A Book

there are times
I caul to him
and then to him
I towards go

at day is done
the stunned old chamber
which pill or planet
has made me do this

time’s in chastity
old forgotten
writ large in his
legion book

at end of day
responsible blue
would trickle down to
gear his face

with tic-tocs of
a crumpled ocean
to the hour of
cat parade

and there we be
full-on bereft in
this Madrid inside
a coaster

Grong Grong

The chip in my digital camera leaks,
now look at this mess all over the table.

Birthday parties, fleeing ibis,
thumbs over faces breaking obscured noses,

whole towns (caught on a dry dandelion)
that cried to the camera “we are here”.

Today I meant to do some dusting
but with memory everywhere

who’s to say which are dust,
which are pixelated vision,

which are flakes of sloughed-off skin
to patch back on and make me whole?

Don’t answer that; they are listening.
I am listening.

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