Arpine Konyalian Grenier – Two Poems

Arpine Konyalian Grenier

Two Poems

Sponsored as I

the more I look at the sky the greener it gets
issue versus manifestation of
in the head same as matter
dark out there

are you in it or running it?

I come from Phoenician numbers and letters
my adsorption of neurons scaled as I know it
or so they say about randomness of form
form itself an editing
more surface than random
less heat perhaps

one retains scale to the side of the jasmine
coming through url by url
against a universe
the others dance

is that really so-as-to first what is?
so much once curated can be
consider quality

react or respond to scale
escape/ get shot/ kill
everything’s in your face
you’re in your face

mega-scale and frequency grow
shorter half lives resuscitated
peace as conceded to
what – where – who –
la la
          slut pink

the brightest in 130 days
the crazy-making continues
family and all pink
for sure la

I cannot wish them other than for my self
the lesser acted out or talked about
lottery wins I did not know existed
funeral pink in the green

here is your light over dark
California uber alles
Mom talking
lack is left-over matter
I come to resuscitate

smell the cologne
what to do with the green
always leaving never arriving

Like I said before

See all those wonders around you?
you are one of them
one that does the same differently
the sky’s inimitable yesterday
a first rose startled
at the tip
rose no more

expecting of stand ground
too hard for shape
as how much what and how
still remind me of Noah
circulated intent
this good having an eye for
curved because it runs
after the straight

mortal because immortality bound
the epidemiology cracks instead
let’s talk of a press conference
the family responsibility thereof
change not out there but in
one can smell the good


not unlike the sun
random phase smell
but more like the moon
diluted of intent (expound
on catalyst) even after death
one can be used that way
like matter in light

to be gump about it
how does lucidity come about?
chopped as it does in garbage
expectations of Socrates
chop chop
a rosette unfurling
presentation tea
eggplant and teal


deficit is disorder
privately ordered
diversion I need

continuous where mama cried garbage
a zipped up syllable cornered
wonders con tenu

from The Greenwood Decision:
people have no reasonable expectations of privacy
when it comes to garbage my job is complete
you say eyeballs to wheel for the run
I want to give you some food

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