Michael Farrell – voulez vous

Michael Farrell

voulez vous

             could you really love
  someone who only drank skim: milk blue the Colour
        of voulez vous the blonde is on
     whose left when) its 1
    youre gone &
     your skills improved really you could the!
           blue milk youre dead really improved under; the surface the stereotypes
            Captains really weak underneath & wants… to be
      beaten chlorine &
  a little sweat the brunette is… on whose right though
   the energy ebbs 2
     or dudley choose the backdrops
       the sky its you a. knife
    In an electric bottle circular training the captains a babe 3 mean or
   sweet never embarrass the Hordes you sleep with lemon: squash
            occasional tonic youll know youll be hungry Starting
           with the 4 commandment the message is/ jealousy &
                   it killed my sense of Home security from now on institutions only
  you love me really overwhelmed thinking – security guard helps
           fitter for” it feeling every 5
 youve ever smoked
          the captain & The doctor go
       down on the soldier patient who? goes home with
        who its
             too personal my breakdown? appetite
    curtains 6 colour of jealousy right whose
          circular bottle sweet or Mean sleep you hordes colour the curtains
     (guard security every feeling go doctor? appetite my personal too
             the 7
        comes before the playing your Dress) is the colour of skim

            comes befo e the playing your d ess is, the colou  of skim
         milk &
       Voulez vous before the sky __

1 dead
2 bo
3 but
4 last
5 cigarette
6 the
7 pleasure

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