Ashley VanDoorn

The Blue Otherwise Known as Stolen Fire

We are not sense-senseless when we are sentences.

When the shoplifter stops litter, the shapeshifter’s a sharpshooter.

Are you human or a gun?

Humming again.


To be desired you must want to be.
“I” must want to be “you.”
And You is not-you.


“So,” she says, “what are your intentions?”
She says, “you are are you?”                                                                share ring discretely


lucky number              ≈

0: dumbness has nothing to do with luck.
2: numbness has nothing to do with fuck.


She hasn’t written a word.
Never has she ever warded a wren.
Warned tenfold an advent she has not.
Not that that’s a secret projection of “her” desire.
Never has she ever secrete/d a project less protectIve.
The secret vent is in.
Warden, arbor “I”s ardent.

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