Del Ray Cross – 2 Poems

Del Ray Cross

2 Poems

life in bed

let me put my
self in your shirt
you won’t which
I mean
you won’t let me
turn my fingers on
me on your sexy
maniac of blooms
in a hot desert
you put my sexy
poetry in a white
shirt instead
look I am so hot
you sit on the corner
and leave me triplets
the three of which
you won’t let me
put in your
hot fingers
so that is why
I let your shirt
take off
like the poetry or
this angel in a corner or
these triplets which
hot maniacs lick
choices which turn me on
because with you
I am incredibly hot
and that turns a corner
into its poetry

life on the beach (in the early morning)

yes I’m incredible
in a hot white shirt
which is my poetry
it’s also only the
hottest triplets
who suck my shirt
which turns into poetry
a whole book
like your corner
licking the fingers
of which are yours
are hot incredibly
are your hair
and your glasses
the finger choices
I put them into me
into the poetry
in a hot desert
on a white shirt
where only
more hot sweets
incredible cheeks
which is therein
or is only in the
poetry in the incredible
maniac which you
won’t let me lick
so fuck it
I put my tongue
in your shirt your
hair and your hot glasses

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