Clayton A. Couch – pre-war histories

Clayton A. Couch

pre-war histories

seesaw psych o logical
sum man tickle fun bone

shore ten count less numb
burr in sweaty socks after

for rest explore ration self
out to low west turn sun

lit like can dull light in nine
lives felon fabricate credit

card carrying or fin of shark
on silver screen unwashed

angel circular curio city
minotaurized on a Cretan urn

I’ve always wanted a maze
down in the basement night

bullhorn an other tear or wrist
alert hanging car pal tunnel

sinned Rome coliseum lions
rending Christ into bread

and whine so selfish of me
to log it all away on such

a delicate sticky spied Ur
per hapless heist diamond

citizenry weren’t conscious
and fall lowed motion to street

hold up on folk us group
the pre-centaur calls war

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