Carl Annarummo – Robert Johnson’s Killer Mid-Morni

Carl Annarummo

Robert Johnson’s Killer Mid-Morning

trend in being Robert Johnson’s killer
in western canyons where spread-eagle stricken
cowboys performing Latin lasso maneuvers
in front of a skyline patterned after car keys
brandish Smith and Wesson firearms
bought after a skirmish with a daughter
in the air one night
when strikers mistook our extension chord
for free cable. with the uncertainty of steam
ships and a canyon once carved by water
and the pungent odor of American kissing
behind the screen door of the split level ranch
we would one day call home. and the next
horse race of disenchanted jockeys
with ghost town privates looking for love
in public pools will kick up enough dirt
in the eyes of the curious, the watery captains
sending bets down mid- morning !

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