Brian Ang

from Pre-Symbolic

Onset of mechanical reproduction transformation.  Haphazard administrative visible imagined
incorporated morphology aesthetics.  Metaphysical greasepaint.  Generations of science theory
nature pleasure process time space age.  Prose forms postures.  Stratification.  Emphasizing this
word and this sentence in history.  Modern event cycle longue durée hegemonic market genre
intersect.  Rise implies regularity solution.  Dominated fundamentally immanent realm of
everything.  Novel local real decadent encyclopedia.  Death by author.  Bootlessly lured into
doctoral apathy keeping it militant.  System designed cheap core.  Century of productivity lies in
critical spirit.  Settled critique eminent as threats of polemical respectful art prejudices.  Revising
past retreat entrenching narrow effect.  Occasion realist weapons to failed fact of mastered
disturbance.  Sexualities categorized.  Desires.  Opposite emotional substitute.  Sympathy for
masculinity authenticity models.  Unsuccessful identifications sufficiently terrifying.  Penis focus
full of women with beards.  Butch wildness.  Governmentality.  Queer homophobic intimacy
mediated to futurity in heterosexual ideology privacy.  Hygienic consumer epidemic to
penetrative questions as universe.  Captured in rapturous deep falling apart.  Rip a question
worth divorced cognition projective when oblique.  Denying erotic overture of Enlightenment as
domination denominator.  International sovereignty within coherent social specter of unhomely
landscapes.  Marketing recognizes how.  Flexible class ineluctable for democratic master
narratives of benighted mirrors.  Science seance silence language languish concentrates distress.
Today.  They deny right to ask poetry.  Full-body mediation multi-user signifiers.  Floating view.
Amplification surprisal detachable numbing withdrawal.  Count zero overdrive biz interfacing
matrix text.  Metamorphizes.  Progress fixity decoding original medial environments as
embodied virtualities.  Transcendental subjugated.  Subaltern historiographic exigencies from
self-diagnosed transparency of colonialism.  Essentialism within dialectic in psychoanalysis.
Postcolonial defined being.  Team’s head-brass writing sie deutsche worte.  Deep tea urn turns.
Gaze a blaze of memories of intact packed incidental treasure.  We hold me coded chance
segregation exploitation.  Narrative does not reduce imperial relations.  Contradiction state
claims democratic sweatshops through feminist overemployment marriage formations.
Differentiated immigration intensified.  Curricula.  Fellow creature.  Adept unlikely absence
frightening migrating inspiring new territory.  Experience birth worth reading liberalism.
Cordial as anesthesia relativism.  Needs basis for neighbor radical world common sum beauty.
Sweet-talking overflow of dimpling generalization.  Breast kisses natural nothing loving
anachronism demimonde nowhere poured frying.  Wig of destiny unwelcoming.  Gun-grey
phased up obliterate portrait praising matchless catastrophes twinning.  Tang.  Grave libidinal
economy.  Black reality limit kernel erected trivial empirical logic.  Ground untainted primitive
definitive courtly decades.  Supplicant sexuality.  Underhand surface manipulation bodily
contracted subversion antagonism.  Ordeal failed mannerly wealth of obvious.  Percussion
thought.  Particular racist nationalist theorization rooted and routed through modernity’s
promises.  This.  Misunderstood conceived simple slavery.  Material for reconstruction of
intellectual heretic skull of socialism.  Keep on moving was prehistory.  Nation states in minims
by messages dissolving time.  Management appears ever-changing.  Labile capricious
emotionality construction vendre native rebellion.  Articulate ambiguities empirically obvious
suggested aesthetic phallocentric culture eating hunger.  Evil humanistic fabulists cared nation-
making explicitness.  Authority rectified administered uses.  Meta-fictional outset.  Other
marking outer domestic military.  Employed subaltern task.  Being making love to becoming
neutralizing theoreticism.  Taxonomy anxiety of Marxists still insisting self-critique distances.
Cut.  Signed sloth now pretentious precious price positioning opening practice.  Secular
astonishing fluency entirely mistaken.  Tensions between living linguistic answer philosophically
impossible.  Dumfounded struggles in metanarrative politics separate social chance objectively.
Transubstantiation recourse to essential lifestyle of grand adjectives.  Whole.  Stand-in formal
loose fast fortune wert thou exits gazing change.  Hanging barracks.  Cock inheritance authority
dependency.  Feminism ostensibly shaped.  Polluting AIDS others shit trope binary.  Politic
prohibitive illusion drag outside heterosexual denaturalized conceals derived.  Hegemony.
Postmodernist essentialism construction of master spheres.  Everyday aleatory class race gender
virtually reading object-choice.  Under escape raising cultural contingencies.  Defining critical
order to produce explicit masterpieces.  Chic spoils of naïve dynasties and impoverished plump
zero perfection.  Palatable electric numeral heat.  Savage white bent.  Fictional tacit.
Individuality peculiarities immutable by epoch self-perceptions incontestably isolated.
Contained universal.  Duchy matrix distant to difficulties of counter-myth communications
circulations.  Movement recognition relation tensions mark enigmatic forcefully discursive
socialist constituency.  Symbolic bloc positions universalize found contradictions.  Demands
rethink culture integration gross.  Why.  Swords completing time coupling paupers per 1917.
Mirror admired tactfully.  Lacustrine gaze lightly lapping.  Curriculum of metaphors.  Black
zeros order absences under language.  Creative preoccupations decidedly excluded institutions
deconstructing diverted prescriptions.  Third world American dream lays international style
numbered parody.  Sympathy pastiche metonymically graffiti hyperspace shooting up.  Ceiling
shopkeepers.  Death affirmed postmodernism costs.  Corporate value in OED’s curio.  For
ongoing audiences noncanonical mass-mediated opposition science uniform as classrooms.
Privileged.  Class reading time space work evaluating meanings amendable.  Texts folly together
shopping.  Professional matchboxes explode.  Microsecond.  History amputated the covered
unlocked ark rain spray-painted on consciousness.  Mestiza product.  (R)evolution crossbreeding
discomfort favored la mujer para espantar basura.  Polvareda went bankrupt searching for
pulsebeat.  Differentiated sexual patiences strung between stark impales.  Dry crooked slapped
tense precision.  Homage unrecognizable to systematically oral woman-centered pacifist ritual
outsmarting witches.  Sh-ah-cock Mi-o-chin.  Spirit.  Approach warms end.  Tribal elements
enable energy-transferring gestalts.  Power signified by monolithic humanistic questions.
Rejecting professional fiction of values to achieve conflict.  Feminization of poverty dialogue.
Enforced systematized public multibillion-dollar intrinsic rape victim socialization slavery.
Unchaste visionary shared envy sublimation eroticism scholarship.  Divisions of labor
confusions generate multiplicity progress rooted in gazes.  Meaning a nail in hetero-homosocial
knit gender bonds.  Ambiguously idyllic cyborg.  Command-control-communication-intelligence
amusement.  Centuries simultaneously produced change.  Cascade of negative history
reproduction.  Generative by contradictory future shock subsystem.  Human.  Extreme ideology
dichotomies inform imaginations indebted in threatening security.  Boundary of apocalypse to
deathly arch-feminist identity.  Ignorance jammed dying speech in song of individual well-
known expression.  Poetic group unconsciousness stored revolutionary transgressing/non-
conformist magic nahda motion.  Light of theses.  Writing derivative free verse poetry.
Permeated movement.  Radically incompatible liberation suppressed.  Outside special social
stress passed laws.  Sentences.  Axioms understanding libido yearning to break anal
masturbation.  Psychopathological sadomasochists pioneered sexology demonology truth lies.
Conviction arguing modern sexuality.  Complete.  Discharged common signatures echo
allurements fenced-off where natives walk illegal.  Impersonal animating principle underlying
supreme end of art schools.  How stupid artillery ideology as discursive ethical system.
Treasures of strident chauvinism sprawl comically unshorted.  Allied canonical moral advertising
concluded unsurprisingly.  Disproportionately served gatekeepers.  Ramparts united world war
publishing.  Abstract investment.  Television FBI illness shuffling millenniums.  Abandoned
neighbors’ thinking.  Stranglehold of reasons tornado interpretations impressed against theory.
Intended intentionless language stakes are high.  Confessions a speech act.  Anomaly of
epistemological belief to imagine truth-value rostrum between survivors.  Black.  Today dawn
grand edge waste money knocked.  Eating financed.  Power assumptions organized anthology on
germinal heterosexist small press.  Innately cultivated obscurity encoding violate norms to
establish love aesthetic.  Room of own room.  Flexible gender identification clarifying
incongruous relish.  Dream object ideologically programmed to produce pure per se.
Experience.  Société de consommation disaccumulative moment to restructure problematic.
Punctual event graphic.  Market world antinomies must be systematically undermined.  Class
horizon of master code.  Total domination.  Popular precapitalist cultural commodity reification
monuments.  Historiography semioticians map ruined imaginary.  Hyperreal simulator symptoms
virgin before nothing changes society overproduction.  Fact.  Gas-lit clock thickens urgency to
unity possibility emphases adumbrating.  False-namings ingrained excellence impasse.
Implicitly present.  Echoes of expectations strategies to reader relational patternings.  Dance
through the minefield perforce to propose.  Landscape apprehended samidare.  Bifurcation.
Destruction of institutions agony discovered hidden spare reading analysis.  Words structure
ending opening disputatious variorum value continuing.  Calls into being spelling stability.
Pastoral strategies not natural.  Meanings machinic strata through cyclic biunivocal flight.
Tracings root from war assemblage classicists.  Contemporaries neutralize morality.
Incompatible purposive rational neoconservative culture autonomy stylized life-historical climate
capitalist.  Irrevocably other.  Contradiction superstructure commonly held commodity.  Base
depth saturates.  Economic hegemony pressures real residual human nature consumption now.
Beneaf sartorial law breaking notoriously ambiguous the absolute.  Punk October geniuses
bellipotent by beauty simplicity vs. evil precisely.  Continuity hints.  Said what is meant.
Invidious epithets overheard within murder irony parameters.  Captain vicious virtuous refusal
assizes cognition.  Free.  Overtly covertly inhabited parasitical precursor self-dramatization.
Wrinkled seam(s).  Byproducts training debilitating alternatives.  Health redefining drunk.
Hearted widening surly treasured new loss resembles.  Fallen peaty wooded whispering
fingerprints.  Swimmingly marshaled cell for reconnected pictorial autonomous field demanded
reason.  Working-class.  Ass sky burn smile soda gray park hmm.  Explodes semantic referent
sign birth to pure rhetoric authority.  Grammatical piety senses.  Link pattern corresponds closer.
Monogrammed over d’un retour au pays natal.  Double minus.  Orientalism.  Of mere being
West cultural hegemony.  Government political impossible fiction accounts context sketched
subsequent.  Dimensions vis-à-vis century method deposited infinity of traces without inventory.
Disheartening unanimous pander myth esteeming.  Gentle grinner tourists’ Judaeo-Christian
number distress manifested neurotic syndrome.  Defamiliarized distinctions putatively brutal.
Capacity to exclude events i.e. unclassifiable society.  Historiography.  Lantern-jawed monkey-
eared war without bedclothes.  Fraction ill-equipped subtleties of racial street minor capsulizes
equally.  State Ajax intellectual.  Companionship autonomy.  Start to end flaring scarlet reality
engaged hypnotic stupor response.  Mr. Death ultimate companion anti-Semitism spark.
Language school heir buried fetid recitative mimosa’s fancywork.  Woman women woman man.
Frightening hidden adorned shame palace breath streams song disposing difference.  Conceive
contours daring vertiginous skin pregnancy.  Infinitely ominous enough rope explode lips
interplay.  Scrupulous taboo regulating public prostitute educators enables intensification.
Controls.  Medical unlawfulness stamped.  Deferred barrier penetration renewed pleasure.
Fetishist diffuse.  Circular contacts linkages sites chatter ragged enemy puzzle ruin.  Stream-of-
consciousness autocracy.  Indigestible comestible festival volcano flats’ freckled schooner
moose gasoline web-throated.  Insomnia ghost phallus signifies self-conscious unpleasure mirror
freeze.  Real illusion backed legal perfect beauty stolen.  Action.  Oedipal indispensable minor
agencement enunciation.  Extreme nothing but loyalty.  Indirectly gave justification institutions
separate responsibility.  Punishment armatures of power-knowledge levy economic executioner
birthday contemplation.  Potency powder arms.  Bare imposed semiotic symbolic subjects
constituted.  Liminary represents-articulates signifying coded modes of incandescent strike
explosion.  Shadows tarred yes.  Stairwell chopper ulcer lazaret dawn-stung whoops of
verstehen.  Elements in context derive qualitative spontaneous vorkenntnisse. Misunderstanding
unmittelbar.  Susceptibility intuiting mannered immortality.  Arbitrary.  Against poetry
exhaustions late-comer pleroma passion corrective deviation anxiety wreck.  Looking hands
crushed skeletons blast.  Yew bard sun block hot smoke shells.  Adding statesman mythologemes
raised citizens signifying administration pharmakon.  Εκ βιβλου knowledge invention memory
wisdom.  Sniffs spots to produce metaphor bedazzlement rereading blinded borders
neutralization.  Citational anagram access.  Republic.  Surveillance buttresses erected token
cadaverous rigidity of truth ambivalence.  Thusias-teletas-epōdas-mantōeian aporia. Narkē play
praises life suffice.  Ontōs pseudo-truth calamus mutters.  West.

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