William Allegrezza – 2 Poems

William Allegrezza

2 Poems

undercurrent rhythm as fear
            the water  is

the         opening of dream

stop  IN  FaLLing    th    e      dr ops
re    main  in  statis  with motion    in uncomprehending
silence that develops the    picture of
h    ang  ing  we  ights    abov  e a  mar  ble fl oor
carved    with traces

and  we are  afraid    of the sea
          as it    releases    the currents

FoRWarn ed      is then  like the reinactment of the end


bearings        in the sun
with outer    seams        groping towards
signals  from  island  posts

                [fragment #6063770808 . . . . . ]

the animals  escape  to  panic
while the discovery    inches  towards  silence
in myriad  nations  condemned    to economic starvation

in from solitude    to relinquish the  verticals of history
to stray from the  biosphere  of habit    or  ached  egotism  of  wealth

                    the echoes come through cold brick rooms
                    as search lights at last receive hanging feet

the asthmatic  sounds  from afar  are in no particular rhythm
[ . . . ]

bearings        in the sun
losing the southerly direction    of  metallic life
where now  the madhouse  traces    the majesty of    period
and the bill arrives  folded  in  colored lines

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