Adams (3)

Sara Adams

Two Poems


I like to think that both parties bring a basket but
I know it isn’t true. I bring the basket
and you bring the appetite.

I bring the blanket too, and utensils
—I know, it hardly seems fair!—but your
hunger stirs me (or something).

I pour you the first drink
and place a sandwich before you.

Rifling through your pockets
(you must have something to add!)
I find a knife
and cut everything open.


I happy to thinking that all festivities take basket
but not correct. The basket is with me
and you are a hunger.

I am taking blanket also and spoon and fork
—I am knowing, it looks like not just!—however a
hunger makes me changed (or something else).

I spill for you the first beverages
and lay, first, hamburger.

Gunning throughout the pants,
(it’s not possible that you don’t have any!)
I am finding the knife and
making everything open.

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