Jake Adam York – 2 Poems

Jake Adam York

2 Poems


Cut stems seep their color
to the water, and the rose,
still rose, stains the lilies.

Hyacinth, aster, lean
slightly, half withered,
holding sunrise and dusk

Cut stems the color of water
rise, so slowly they seem still,
on small beads of air.

Half an inch since yesterday
afternoon.  Water rises.
Blooms bloom in reverse.

Blackbird Bye Bye

Hour of setting, hour of setting
out,  how sweet such endings
bear the edge Almost – taste
should,  should thousands – nights

pass though only one, unknown,
over us, ready, on condition –
arrive – subjunct this so, this

so about, or let me let me
yet, however late, however old
this fare – a wing not yet
Unfolded – or only yet

Bye Bye Blackbird

                                               – for Keith Jarrett
                                                  & Roger Gilbert

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