Matthew Wascovich, Thurston Moore, Alex Gildzen, and

Matthew Wascovich, Thurston Moore, Alex Gildzen, and Todd Colby

1 Feb 03

(Terrestrial Labs)

Some birds are depressed over your Abe Lincoln odor,
a revelation based on your annihilation.
Toxic polymers illustrated your cool and calm
But they’ve been replaced with stinging waters,
the favorite drug of birds.  My thighs, not yours.
You arrived on the chilled peak,
nudged the styrene aside
and saturated the bean counters
with your brutal objectivity.
Now you measure books by weight alone
straight through the All-Pro game.

             Todd Colby


1 Feb 03

such a sunrise
                             yellow arrow piercing pinks.
inside I download Bry’s photoshoot featuring my book.
I switch to e-mail to thank him & find Bob in shock:
space shuttle Columbia broke apart on re-entry.

so the light poem I woke with   the piece that was
to begin this collaboration   washes away
in the shower of metal & flesh that rains
across the Texas plains.
                                            I bus into town
walk around the plaza  listen to kids laugh
watch tourists chaffer over turquoise.

back home I find those ayem lines
so smart & silly
                             & wish
that the day wd’ve allowd me
to have finishd the poem of morning.

             Alex Gildzen


1 Feb 03

nip nip nip nip nip nip nip nip nip nip
nip nip nip nip nip nip nip nip nip nip
blak cloud rain drip
alcohol mattress!
apex blows out
bonehead arcs spizz attack
destroy jim?  bastard I will race you down

dirty white car sputter
thru the beast

butter to the heart

             Thurston Moore


1 Feb 03

open the concrete noise

how much
has been filtered?
this sick bliss is litter and glitter
a balmy punctuation
a terrible garbage can
blocks bedford
a monstrous new jersey
highway awaits drive
a vain bridge
a human mountain
earwax on north sixth street
destroyed parts and labor
bone crush the roof on kent
across from a warehouse
near the river
manhattan looks limp
saturated in morning walk
raining down shuttle debris
shrubs and bark and bombs

             Matthew Wascovich

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