Chris Vitiello – from Irresponsibility

Chris Vitiello

from Irresponsibility

             23 July 2004
             35th birthday
             Durham, NC
             The office


The mouse underside cakes gradually
with dust // Dust accretes there
Bartok string quartet number one, lento

Done unloading outside
the ramp noisily rolled up into
the delivery truck

Noticing with effort
Am I supposed to write that it rained?

One, two, three, four, five, six

What rained?

The carpet patterns
Sticking out


Comprehensive always includes contradiction

Insert Williams’s Spring and All here

Things look the same
They want to use it, not read it
Parataxis is an aesthetic
Bartok string quartet number three, ricapitolazinoe della prima parte
The blue chair is two blues and a green
Stephen muttering behind the cubicle wall
Wesley Willis They Threw Me Out Of Church

Nictitating context // A subset cannot know what is outside of its set

Why it rained


Yes, I will make it automatic
Cannot know it is a subset
is a set

Writing recapitulates experience
is a convention // For example
Epistemology is a plenum floating in a vacuum is
an analogy is a
statement of fact

Searching on vinculum
You are here because you have lacerated a tendon

I cannot hear people approach
Cross-reference Hocquard and DeNiro
This isn’t this is this isn’t this

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