Tim Vander Meulen

I Know What’s Good For Me

             I’ve seen desks that you would ne’er hear of, desks of such a sinister nature that would
scare the smallest child. Some desks are just not meant to be seen, or even exist in this barmy
bag. Not would it desk silliness of the nature bag of time. The bag spins in squares until death
taketh all desks. That desk that people call being will be obliterated, because no desk, not the
burli’st of desks in the bag, wins. But I’ve seen some desks, plucky and sharp. Cool twist: taketh
thou desk and make it thing, and bag is world. That should help.

             Two desks named baffle and flabbergast fumbled and stumbled upon a stump. They took
it and put it in house. They named the stump stump and thought it a curious desk. In fact, the
curioust in the bag. Opening the stump they found desks of a glittery nature, like pleasure. It was
treasure. The stump stump was a coffer. With the glittery desks baffle and flabbergast bought
stumps and stumps of stumps in which were more. The more they got (repeat). Soon house was
stumped. But here’s the cool twist; baffle and flabbergast obtained a desk that emptied the house
of stumps. But then their treasure was gone. “What in the bag?” sayest baffle. Flabbergast was
baffled, and baffle was flabbergasted.

             The desks effluvial baffle. Penguins came and slapped their fishes on the ice. Ice fishing
finishes fishes and easy. But the hulk of bulk stole the ice and drowned the penguins.
Blackbeard’s ship collided into Big Bird, where feathers fluttered furiously, but flabbergast said
it was okay. I sat at my thing thinking things and eating. Killer animal crackers committed
cannibalism. Einstein blasted music through his turntable, baffle had to sport his shades. Then
blew the bag, and desks were go. That’s what I said. Chilly turn: Flabbergast ate the leaf. He’s
okay. So is the stump stump.

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