“The Eternal”

You look at me as if you wished to tremble
And could not help the fear in your eyes,
When distant stars appear and assemble
In shapes that we pretend to recognize.

You call me mad when I narrate of spheres
That lie beyond the reach of human sight.
Your eyes, again, reflect the deepest fears
Which you refuse to disregard or fight.

You are afraid that once, when you are sleeping
My telescope will find a better place
Among the dots that in the dark are weeping
And I’ll forget the beauty of your face.

But don’t you worry, my immortal dear:
I stare above to find the better, true,
But I will never come to it as near
As when I wake up lying next to you.

I won’t betray your firmest resolution
To pardon my peculiar inclines.
You know, I don’t believe in Absolution
Or tales that Hell on our vices dines:

All that we know, the human, the infernal
And the divine shall pass without a trace,
But I will love you till the Sun eternal
Dissolves to feed the emptiness of space.

by Danil Rudoy – December 2009