Charles D. Tarlton – Simple Artistry

Charles D. Tarlton

Simple Artistry

in a jeweled box

when my mother’s bedroom

In Saratoga Springs, New York, there was a well-known glassblower named Gary Zack.
His shop faced onto an alley and the doors stood wide open whenever he was working in
front of the furnaces.  It was a revelation to watch him turn a white-hot globule of
molten glass into a delicate pink Azalea.

was emptied—bottles, brushes
her vials, puffs and powder
in the morning

He kept an old wheelbarrow outside the shop in which he deposited works that for him
had somehow failed.  Above the wheelbarrow, a sign read: “Free, but take only one.”

we walked all in yellow
rain gear dripping

I took a red poppy
moving to France


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