Hazel Smith – Writing Styles

Hazel Smith

Writing Styles

Arbitrarily she threw words down and swept them into foreign
combinations.  From alien states she longed to draw new maps.

Systematically she dug up signs even when they failed to yield to
excavation.  Through stability she hoped to rock the unstable.

Tentatively she sought techniques to lasso passing strangers in, and
squeeze the hands of everything they failed to speak.

Inclusively she rode from land to sea, and straddled music, image
word as if they were overlapping, interpenetrating realms.

Eclectically she worshipped at both mainstream and experimental
shrines, sometimes wondering how best to mix religions.

Obsessively she hammered out bent sounds.

Firmly she refused to tie her metaphors up.

Fearlessly she let worlds fly, bounce, roll and split, and didn’t try
to capture or inscribe them.

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