Cedar Sigo – O Fantasma

Cedar Sigo

O Fantasma

I have to unbutton
Both sleeves then think of who
For my execution witness list

Who cares?  What is this
Pouring in?  These cakes of ice
I mind are sharp enough

So is the current so I only
Compose compose and compose
On a river less ancient than this

I own this temple
Its passages close
When I am not there

I stand outside
Of my dark past
And applaud for hours

I once rhymed “start”
To “start” and “Us” to “Us”
In the bath and everything

And I was with a razor
Fucking right back.  There is a last
Sentence coming over

The loud speaker,
“Before you leave place your
loved ones into the canon.”

I choose John Huston,
The Enchanted Flood, and Fun
In a Chinese Laundry

The closer to earth
The deeper the pink
And I am without my love

Thoughtfulness now
Behind a bruised mouth
And behind eyes, Why

Do you hold your
Lips that way?  Because
I know it looks adorable

To be sleepless and circling
A make-up counter
I recite the lines remembered

“Skeletons before a dried up spring”
“Black as the mirror is”
“Under my hand the pyramids arose”

Recite the lines
Let them die down
And into the ruins

I used to love this sweatshop…
At night I will return to be seen
The black pearl is set

Into my mouth so I die
With a jaw line like this,
Promise me.  It’s alright

To cut up the early work before.
It was politely romanticized
And never done to death.

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