Cedar Sigo – Two Poems

Cedar Sigo

Two Poems


I am a card, a gay blade around women
Treat my ills in other realms
Transylvania, my heart won’t erase
Even to an off-tone chamber music
Hath wrath men again blowing noon you soon
Hell bent buildings bid good morning
Canoe Cologne, Alice Coltrane ring tones
Working a white Ike Turner
Male Amelia Earhart
Expected in the lobby, massive silence
It turned my one shot into four
Ransacking the rooms, transparent prism
An outline of swamps, nonchalance
A room abandoned, room in check

Under A Glass Bell

                                          for Sara Bilandzija

The wind is like a movie
Mysterious & drawn out
It puts me to sleep
A thousand miles from home
and I never harmed no one
One second……
I was checked in one line
checked out the next
pitching the right keys
my sensitivity creates technique
You might not want to speak
as if you hung the moon
It’s high time we sort the killers out
from dedicated followers of fashion
Turning over a new leaf
giving myself the lions share
tomorrow is another day
flying off handle
Strike me, be cross, but don’t hate me!
Hesiod slept under a tree
Two small waves to drown him deep
Does that seem to hang together?
The first matter of the spiritual work
is always within us
A thousand miles from home
I was crushed out
up & down the coast always
out of my Chinese skull

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