Phoebe Sayornis – Eden

Phoebe Sayornis


Eye c a b.  Do u c the b?
It seams 2 b lost.  Know other explanation
4 buzzing from word 2 word.  Unless, it
fell in2 a snail trap & got drunk.  That
must b it, it’s Anne inebriated b.  Anne
inebriated b is buzzing in my verse.  O
what luck!  Eye must fix tee & crumpets!
We’ll talk of religion, current events, eye’ll
get relationship advice… who could possibly
no more about the birds & bb?  & when
mosquitoes begin floating like antimoths
drawn 2 blackness, we’ll purse our lips with
resolve, watch undulating flames straddle logs,
& rap happiness innside zigzag cocoons.  Butt
we won’t innhale.  It becomes a habit… the
present that is, this moment’s fad that is.
Different habit, different self.  Knowone is who
they r, the birds & bb can’t change that, just
drop u kneedeep in2 it.

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