Suzy Saul – Intuition

Suzy Saul


Too many times in life
you will see the juggernaut
of what’s coming
and be powerless to stop it.

You will hear the great yammerers
yammering their great plans
that are sure to go awry
causing the deaths of thousands
the destruction of all that’s familiar and dear:
trees, houses, roads, all their animal inhabitants.

You will sense which of your children
is likely to dive headfirst
into the empty pool.
Pray for water.

You will wake in dread
and sleep in sorrow

like the seer Cassandra
sailing captive to Greece
her tongue cut out
to punish her predictions
left only with vowel-sounds,
a shriek, and trembling knees.

This is a gift
for which you cannot be grateful.

But it may be that sometime
you’ll notice a small valiant weed
with tiny blue flowers
poking up from
a crack in the concrete.

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