Ryan B. Richey – from baby

Ryan B. Richey

from baby

I already met you Susan

Tickle Eby sliding down Old 40. She attempts a sharp right on Lacey’s road
and lifts off towards Susan’s trees. One’s coming dead at us. I lay across Eby
and Lacey as if that’s going to help. Hoseymobile shifts midair. Side mirror’s
swiped. Land with a wallop in Susan’s garden. Laugh riot ensues. We peel


Tracey teaches guitar in a room so small you can’t turn the guitar. Fluff hair,
belly stains, wee legs eats a sandwich. Hands out mustard print tablature.
First song, Smoke on the Water. You will be able to walk in to any guitar
store, plug in and join others in monster riffs.


Run late Monday nights. Change scrubs in car. Arms above scrub stuck on
my head. No worries, 40’s straight. Slight meandering brings a pullover.
Put scrub back right. Step out still in boxers. They don’t want nothing
funny. Scavenge seeds in backseat. Stand spread with my arms apart. Cars
honk as they whoosh. Why you burning incense? I like the smell. What’s
this? Not mine. You have some bad friends. I know. We’ll let you go if you
dump these seeds. Not here. Over there. In the ditch. Wonder if they grew?


Masked Menace

Pointer finger pulsates a key toward the bottom end. Signals the return of
the Masked Menace. I am the Menace. The Masked Masked Menace. Jacob
makes quick work of him.



I wanna be black. You wanna be white dousing yourself in baby powder. I
am sorry I can’t handle you. You regift too much. A, B and C of the
Britannica? A boxed brick phone, charms and body oils? All in one week?


Sixth Life

Can’t kill myself cause of Jacob. Hold a picture of us to my face as the tub
fills up over my bottom lip. What are you doing in there? Head underwater
can’t hear. Don’t know why the alarm clock falls off the toilet. I catch it
before it sends me through the wall.



If it weren’t for you and Yul Brynner I’d have to go through life feeling like
George Costanza.


I get the shakes after I pee. Ever since I was a boy. Has that happened to
you? Do you get pulsating rainbow diamonds bordering your eyeballs when
pent up stress overflows? You don’t sleep much working around the clock
like I do.

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