Roger Pao – Magic

Roger Pao


The moon is an act of levitation.
A hologram of the moon exists in the brainchild of Wisconsin.
Larks smoke across the parking lot.
The bishop throws a deck of cards through a porthole.
A hologram of the lark levitates over the ship deck.

Ahoy, the moon is a source of denial.
A mirage of the moon whistles through the canals of Houston.
Rabbits swallow their musical tophats.
The monk does not really carve an ex-stripper in two.
Streams of monks swallow moons after carving them with wands.

The moon is a sailor without a prostitute.
A photograph of the moon looms over the hotel beds of Germany.
A monkey solves the Rubix Cube in 30 seconds.
The nun undoes the chains while upside-down in a vat of vinegar.
Hotel chains loom across the faces of monkeys in sailor costumes.

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