Ronald Palmer – The Logic of Wake

Ronald Palmer

The Logic of Wake

I got lost in:                  my body:                       is hounded by:                beauty:

Ne:      got:       iates a body:       of trust.           So: da?             Co: da!

The highway’s virtual repetition of gym studs flirting with each other:       in the parking
lot:       the logic of porn:            part I:

Between exits five and four:       there is a door.

Whitmanesque site of spiders:                             feeding on a winter’s night.

Love stalls mid life like a sky of ash:                 I’m sick with blood and sky and cash.

Most men I fall in love with at first sight are pushing baby carriages in the mall.

Lung: Stall.

Free will is a fake:

Here’s 20 reasons how my thinking makes a wake:

1.    Keep trying to get a better job.
2.    Send a résumé to all writing directors in the country.
3.    Continue sending out polished work to smart editors who will finally love you.
4.    Try not to be falsely excited when interacting with old friends, happy speech
       patterns, etc.
5.    Don’t bitch about your life too much.
6.    Write a short story called: NOW!
7.    Your words fill my body like desire.
8.    Feign a painful stutter:         anything to throw up a wall.
9.    Living with one’s parents at 35 is like living with a haunted self: hunted self.
10.  Now the son and the father both leave the mother muttering alone in the dim
11.  Nobody gets a voice for free.
12.  We stand:    ignited:             We bland:       po: lit: e:           rally.
13.  Yes: please:            count me in for the chronic:       disappearance.
14.  The unfiltered life is not worth giving.
15.  We are men who are jealous of other men’s friendships.
16.  I think in opposites. Bet you wanna rock to this.
17.  I’m pretending to be toughly wanted.
18.  Fuck me like a sinister saint: I decided to release full throttle.
19.  I’d be careful with that water and cord.
20.  My love for you has reinvented itself as caution.

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