Mark Navarro – Three Poems

Mark Navarro

Three Poems

“your kiss unbroken unrelieved and”

your kiss unbroken unrelieved and
(to me) unfinished aching
in my mind for more and more
of you and your greatly you
my own kiss creates a nothing
but yours to mine more and more
is believed in my head
(which you softly stroking
provoke more and more foolish dream
of hearts together) to be forever
more and more as you and i
lying down upon the floor
with lips in all kissings

more and more


as i
               your two lips as roses
               bloomed upon my blood aching
               through your hair as lilies my
               trembling fingers as willows rode
               shying away from your
as i
               my clenching hands grabbed upon
               your clinching eyes—grabbing
               me about in waves of fearless foaming
               waters crashing over rocks of
               dread along your little shore
               and in your own transplendent roughness
               i cowered behind the light of a
               moon so bright that my
               mind could only think of
as i
               as ambiguity is your touch i saw
               god grasping your feet to
               bathe you in breaking
               waters—as the horizon crashed
               before my face and i
               in a drought of
               we lied upon the grass below
               your surreal
as i
               with your hold you caress me in
               oils which rain down upon
               me in a fury of
               through puddles we leaped
               and through raindrops
               of glistening showers born of clouds
               that you rest your head upon
where i dream it lies
when it is not upon mine

“by way of beauty my girl creates all mornings”

by way of beauty my girl creates all mornings
as dawn awakens earth to be bright to her
so that tress may shade her softness skin
and the grass may moistly kiss her feet

by way of beauty my girl creates all afternoons
as the sun climbs high with her in wonder
and through her grace, the morning ends
and the earth’s wonders fall upon their knees

by way of beauty my girl creates all evenings
as the sun gives her the good night she deserves
she closes her eyes and waits for tomorrow to begin
her breath caresses, warmly wrapped so sweet

the moon and me sing my girl’s praise
as he lovers her beauty and she creates my days

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