Curran Nault – The Poets

Curran Nault

The Poets
(Random Thoughts:  Regis Debray)

before they came along, some nomads of the Near East had invented God

          this rather suspicious-looking neologism of mediology

                    punctilious lines and fastidious distinctions

                              The study of the ways and means of symbolic efficacy

                                        underlying episteme of such and such a domain of


The act of communication is fluid; that of mediation, weighty.

          the mediator is traversed by time and transfixed by the centurion’s lance.

                    the axiom of incompleteness, where to my eyes the religious syntax of
                    collective life is born.

                              “But that is semiology’s bailiwick.”


This is not to make a religion out of the classic opposition between the certum and the

          the “becoming-delivered” rice sack of a humanitarian broadcast

                    It is not enough just to be dumbfounded to become a philosopher

                              we are given much to intervals, intercessors and interfaces of

                              one needs to take up an ancestral soul and observe it in
                              perspective, against the light surrounding the Byzantine


Still, one can be sure that a culture unaware of this particular procedure of memorization
will not have such and such a behavioral pattern:  it will have no cognizance of how to
class things, list events, place items in columnar format, etc.


I am papyrus, parchment, paper, computer screen.

          the felicitous surprises issuing from the chronological bricolage

                    a palimpsest of gestures and legends continuously prone to reactivation

                              I am the Decalogue, Francois Villon, Lenin and Macintosh.


mediology:  it aspires to be trans-bordered, athwart establishments and nomenclatures

          make our mnemo-technic equipment intelligible as mentality and our mental
          equipment intelligible as technology.


The mixing of rubrics appears

          And rags do not mix well with napkins


the text as an ideal unity is less pertinent than the book as object, and the object in its turn
less so than its metamorphoses

          Political hallucination remains a mystery


                    Our religions have recourse to angels because God isn’t there.

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