Bruce Covey – 3 from Reveal

Bruce Covey

3 from Reveal

Reveal:  Time

Instant:  A witty gal who can engage me in ridiculous banter wink
Second:  Some of the world’s top professional table tennis players
Minute:  Life swap experience another city breaks from 99 pounds
Hour:  Pink flamingoes code cracking stateless and deported
Day:  It wanders in an elliptical path and moves more than 40
Week:  Next 1 billion will be Chinese, Brazilian, Thai
Fortnight:  Coconut smell whooshes me to the sand dunes
Month:  Spider silk and spider poisons; the smell of jasmine flowers
Year:  Apogee articles illustrate cliff’s rocket science
Decade:  Transmitter new horizons for FM applications
Century:  Their punches can break your ribs
Millennium:  Roll over map and click on a region

Reveal:  Poker

High:  Wire plus line author, e.g., Smith
Pair:  The circle makers account center
2 Pair:  Matching products in the socks range
3 of a Kind:  They’ve got a rotation of 5 grinders
Straight:  Does ball lightning really exist?
Flush:  In some way nuts but we hope clean
Full House:  I think that’s how a lot do so well
4 of a Kind:  Rockin’ oldies kickin’ country
Straight Flush:  It was replaced by aquarius
Royal Flush:  Magnet mode allows to draw the ball

Reveal:  Stooges

Moe:  Dinner with the raffle winner announced
Larry:  Copying is fine; cut & paste is not
Curly:  You just might want to eat them up
Shemp:  Find married women in your area with:
Joe:  & now it’s time for another exciting episode
Curly Joe:  Leave flowers and a note for this person

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