“My Muse”

(a sad love poem)
I sit and ponder random things
Extracting music from the strings.
The room is colored blue and black:
These hues, I think, I’ll never lack.
You knock on my forgotten door
And bring me all that I adore:
Composure, courage and the urge
From self-destruction to emerge.
My Muse! You make me freeze at once
And wait for your approving glance
Since all I did before you came
Had neither worth, nor use, nor aim.
You’re dressed in red from head to toe…
You soar above – I dwell below;
You talk to gods – I laugh at kings;
You have no flaws – I have no wings!
You know me well enough to take
Away the evil and the fake
And give me all for what I ask,
Although it’s not an easy task…
The silence has to be destroyed:
You look exhausted and annoyed,
But I’m afraid that if I speak
I’ll make you more fatigued and sick.
I can’t pretend to be polite:
I take a pen and start to write
Portraying your immortal heart
In every known form of Art.
You know how much I cried and prayed!
I need you now! – you need to fade!
I can’t destroy this old routine
And stop the blade of guillotine.
You vanish, turning into smoke,
Some incense I cannot evoke,
A tasteless fog, a vapid mist.
The red is gone: I end my feast.
The silence all my bliss absorbs
And I return to mourning chords.
The room, again, is black and blue:
I write a requiem for you.

by Danil Rudoy – Fall 2008

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