Chris Murray – Post-Its: and the Reasons They Go Rou

Chris Murray

Post-Its: and the Reasons They Go Round and Round on the Carosel of Time

                         “… all scripted to be conveyed as if their assumptions were shared by
                                                 everyone”–Barrett Watten, “War=Language”

These points of view are neither new nor particularly exciting to Iraqi women

             and children.
See how the points of view and stale reasons are like waving magic flags over broken
             bodies to make them well?

Top ten reasons these reasons go round and round on the carosel of time:
              the 60s idealized as a model of protest x 10.
Does anyone else hear a PBS safety net
              of pronouncement, re: War=Language?–how about one more Joni Mitchell

This footage is from Telemundo reporting La Violencia en Irak: *people* not words
             are dying.
See how it is not about Ted Koppel whispering like a second-time bride in the sands of
             anticipated fictive unities?

OTOH: it is our money that has developed in the world a certain economic and civic
             depravity, along with the plasticity of the word to the point which can hardly be
             surpassed, though the Bush administration will continue to try.
OTOH: the legacy of past cultural moments, language, and the blood of human war is
             only too clear to the generation of new poets.

In a cultural graveyard, the unearthed bones may be accompanied by ululating.
But the (last) Word has been spoken from the Flaming Bush: we are not in a
             noticeble context anymore.

This thread is getting too huge, too forever.
As in Stein in the 1930s when she became undeniably popular while gazing beyond her
             snowed-under garden?

The human race might be a little closer to creating a resistance to oppression world wide.
Yes, I’m reading Henry James, too, … and feel myself entombed in a block of
             amber-smooth material history.

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