Sheila E. Murphy and David Baratier

Sofa Relax

Sofa relax your mind. Show you some mad driving people in my life. Hotel
buddy, no other way to possibly date, that’s right nu-tella. Japan or your pants.
Watch it faux fascist filibuster. Alright, ventilator, holding me to me ex-
respirator. Dirty invitation. Answer off the hook, worm. Plait some ratchet of a
thing white hurt. It won’t demean my druthers any more than if you hopped
right into where the hope was, stringy as an androgynous pentecost or very
many other wares. Not and feeling remains sincerity. My sweety cinnamon in
mystery caped lusted suspect. Stretched arms out clear discomfort.

Patten weather, never unshined. Windex for charm school chimes. Taste the all
smiles fisher price world. The linkages are bottom bracket suffragettes. Look at
how we each exactly fit in the fire truck. Remove my hair for you. A scuff chump
likes to be derived at least once in her metafile toned life, perhaps not her I’m
pat of & on FP. A sodden lightbulb for the first meanderling. Always faulty

Number portability makes one or another of me sing. He was west hipped,
devoid of sprawl, calling himself “one of the fortunate few.” That video game.
Immugently dislikable posing conceit. Defamatory guard rails passed him in the
night. Slightly dented, I told a wicker furniture repairman all my troubles. Like
this. Then sprouted several more the moment he absconded the whole story.
Major laundrettes sift what they don’t whiten. Does the word “anymore” mean
anything. My old rugged reliable quizzicality maintains a pretence. Give me a
multimedian A. That sort of keg-toting meanderable frightist cluck. I misted.

Masters of the media walled off patriarchal poise and gifted laps to run. Striped
remedies in pose. Lips in lapse autumnal flower child. Cooler weather all the
summer calmly running wild. When you touch me watch the pills went wrong
cyanosis unstream. Air get back. Let us hear call for morning walk help
start over again angina arch thrombosis. On and on muted trombone perdon.
Soul held tight pernod propinquity. In a moment, if it iffity still.

Stymied for truer looks to click to clack varicosity refuses most waylaid
thrummed chiming. Is it good. Tell time do time tables. Center space to lord it
over good pared steep hope trimmed west by westlawn vocalismo. Chant
jammer clay feet in a ride. Fertilize the rice in China. We sacrifice one of our own
(place noun here). For direction use directive compass. Here goes winter on a
mack. Real ghosts a nice voter turnout down that road of never beggars.
Begotten familiar habit of troubadour analysis depiction musician’s musician.

So see what you missed. Logical conclusion, powder blue pile carpet. Already
enough of you. We long huge gashes crisply. Cash for trash, call now. The
valleys of silicone imation in intimation. Imitation sludge for only mandatory
reciprocity. Is it October yet. the begotten usually misses. Trim your beard, she
whispered, knowingly. The vast conspiracy smells less like flora than a crusted
bomb. Enlighten me. I’m sapped until you crash course into Morse correct. My
plural venues kiss the call-direct. Is *what* free, misbegotten mama. Ace
bandages still go for arrest than I would warrant. Sanction me to offer pattens
with you know what nothing on them. Fallen is the way. An awesome
attachment of your committee report after a collapsed world from a bought

Ok, what’s with the hair, you have so much crazy hair fag. So seldom seen
shocked lovely, really. Do people call you Rico? Harlequin Romance Novel cover
pills went wrong. No more Fridays for me smiley. Rehearse life polarity. Clucking
ain’t that right what with you know what. Don’t give me that noise, location.
Freed the answer thrice Sinatra if you want me. Twice is nice for the bow tender,
meanderthal methaconstituent. Condestra freewaid forewith studio diaried clip
corded for the record.

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