Christopher Mulrooney – Two Poems

Christopher Mulrooney

Two Poems

principle of generative retribution

sample home remedy dig it pink
shades of ivy turtledove blue ivy
yellow of alabaster in sunlight ivy
green as the mint in your julep ivy
and purple as the Homeric ocean ivy
all in your glass at eventide tinkles

Is thy cocke lyke owrs?

we’ll have no fine different thing
all at a parity that’s us all over
you start from scratch here
now let’s some digging see
ay that’s we
some digging

here’s a hole there’s a hole
there’s a merry maypole
make it a fitting piece a patch
like yourself
might sing
come on out of here with that
pitch of a pole
you rotten
gump stump

here’s a different hole and there’s ours at last

see the maypole at last

pretty playpole

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