Ronald Palmer – Hot Cool Geek

Ronald Palmer

Hot Cool Geek
                          for Del Ray

Dancing to golden fireworks we rocked like magic all slow motion on a 9th street rooftop
his shoulder in green and black rugby long sleeve hanging out early at the lure all suave
your eyes pulse me from propped elbows pink cheeks flush your Guinness sitting at the
edge of your mattress our first I love you powered out all in black my love went surfing
while memorizing Hamlet hairy back dog with bitchtit outfit twin Paul Newman eyes but
thicker sturdier with regard to what I’ve been craving since nine eleven you hot cool geek
who cuddles me in sleep who enters me doggy and deep who keeps sobbing on stages
across this city boy in man who can’t stand his father paces garden telling manly stories
of coming election’s bitter why do queer boys marry fabulous gingers when shiver me
timbers gets rid of his glue everybody knew in college the frat brothers figured him out
early swagger with sissy be a dear and bring mommy another margarita then swish like a
sister all kidding hysterical happy 5 slaps past butch.

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