Dana Teen Lomax – 3 Poems from Curren¢y

Dana Teen Lomax

3 Poems from Curren¢y

The Great Seal

I. Annuit Coeptis

sanctus decorum
mink stoleus
nosforatu moviedom
bigus macus
plenitudo gasoline
terrenum smokestackus
oceanus pollutus
spare e aer diem
forestis nomoreus
georgi absurdum
typhoid maria
odd gratia
juno moneta
subpoenia onomatopoeia
aemulatus imperium

II. Novus Ordo Seclorum

altus ordo interruptus
equilibrium funkus
mundo pandamonium
ditto (sic)
cogito unsanus
reeducati campus
    [scholaris nohelpis
     et tu poeta?]

III. E Pluribus Unum

populus verbatum
ex libris raucous
_____ ergo sum
ex nihilo possibiliti

Of The United States

rivaled by our own sensibilities

a dying friend says, I’m too sick to be clever

read garish American

intifada yada yada I have art to make

spider hides in the corner

global webbing

mistaken wedding for war

Anteing you can do, I can do better

I can do anteing better than you

what swims in our heels

slip of time

cylindrical policy sphere

agenda in plain sight

bankroll and enterprise

swore, “If you paint a chicken on it, it’ll sell…”

all levels of wealth and terror

teabags filled the Atlantic

the buffalo gone missing

silhouettes burned into concrete

grind the daily the daily

mines near sacred sights

skywriting a new generation

conditions such as they are

superheroic solutions

violent in other words


my father kept all his spare cash in his bedroom
in the top dark drawer of a seventies wooden dresser with gold heavy

filled it up with coins and bills.
                picture the ones, strewn.
i used to sneak in & steal mostly change because i figured it would be
can’t remember what i bought.
maybe winston reds or records.
    did i snake some for a book in college?
when the drawer was full we’d count it in piles all over the floor
& i’d say geez dad, you sure have a lot of money here…

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