David Laskowski – 2 Poems

David Laskowski

2 Poems

How To Speak

My earlyes lie could be a pair, the -essently haps.
Some tra- as -gic or -ascally as so brilliantly –gan,
that or that oar’d its trastically as.  A he, as fassed,
a ger to aff the -easantly read “ger-baff.”  So sads,
my littlest lies to on its stutterful ears.  Or be a hans,
a tears, like two the L’s, the e of a -phantingly had.
So spastically ba(th), a –raffe, a gaff, an –ath, an asp
can say as fixed so stay to –tion the stifling rank.
So minds, the –gettle to fors at last: not me, not at.
As never so young.  As never as so the –rastically as
the I or wanted to be.  A boy whose tongue to stand,
a B or C, an oil so round.  a help to me, a help to can.

How Two Posits Came To Be A Positing

An osseous will to cal- a sill the –bility.  How true its my.
Always to watch some eye’s di- and critical sun, the poss-
of how’s to same.  “I have waited so long” and on the eve
of a lusively –ames.  A now, the crows of a witless –un
that so a now, a –usively came.  Like spruces a -neath a cas-
and aidingly rain, a lace for needs to -eedle a down like sky.
So not, as ice to ease, a like to –use some leave.  That some
will stay and wait an –ime for a b to posit a -lame.  The lack,
as snow in letters to spell a si-, if not, an -aliant sleet to shame.
A wishing to be an all the ways.  When froze, as -membered
a black, as birdiest fly to –gage — what , for last, was samed.

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