Vincent Katz – Four Poems

Vincent Katz

Four Poems

Hand Press Shirts

Hand press shirts
A friendly cleft

He had a moment
She runs on pavers

Glorious leaf sky
Easy child day

Impromptu Fantasy

mauve portico
orange and yellow
mist curtain lilies

a line drawn across

thin willow handset
prime mellow mime

web upset perceive

hoe repeat

miles after Hyde

pressed off

glen over

Kom Ombo

I paused, look
through avenue
shaft, feel
columns’ heft,
see prayerful
designs to two gods
standing on plateau
the temple shafts
into sky
they disappear
I am alone
as night quickens
their cries grow faint
I make my vows
the gods are on my side
it is good to be alive
the temple comes
to brilliant life
in yellows and gold
the crocodile god
shares his house with
the senior falcon
there is drumming
and smoke
I sense I can return
all is calmed


days are missing from this log
but the continuous allows
separation as daily work
those who perform, serve

this could not be appealing
so much work required no
relief undifferentiated surface
cracked sidewalk impenetrable

but exciting hair cinnamon
tradition one wants to be in


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