Paolo Javier and Del Ray Cross – Cellular Clause

Paolo Javier and Del Ray Cross

Cellular Clause

ecstatic access stammer cause : effect

ecstatic alients in the moonlight : I mean

dis-stills like a lakebed full on slain

vermin — no chemical manufacture obtainable.

chronological break up awake do old diction … do over …

discuss … do old drawers ? It’s a blinding sever

my … my … hand(!) sever blinds tidy : complicated

fuck yeah, it’s complicated.  Be assured

I must have one start talk today . One strata

No stutter.  Be affirmed of its complication

each by each memento tangle brine.   Transcribe

each language ( the beauty of complexity )

way out not days not said .  No.  Do not

( ALERT ) Do not be unsaid.  Is dancing ?

however cursed dead by work . Dead eye

hook.  Dad bye book.  Virginal ( vaginal ) stupidity

which gives way for Amy Vi Rac . I don’t

know her .  Should I google her?

yields blank space a mind date fiction

fiction which predates perfume.  So go in.

my Odysseus adviser in nature

OK I would try Neptune.  But don’t knock your

purse or ref who are scattered  |  eyes out.

sutured truth?  Unsew such a variable and

Date doubh bee at babee hurl
                             her blouse?  Yes.  Inject your

brie in her ur hat or when will I

mis en scene with all of your

     hard* do it?

                       Please sign _____________________




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