David Jalajel

Two Poems

head lice

a criminal nexus: harmless simpletons press a girl’s face into peruvian mummies. corporations take on the poor, the dismissed from school – their ethnicity ranging from ingested lead and a cure for jaundice to leukaemia. a cause is marginalized like women in nazis’ kept records.

                                                       100 white cubes –

                                                       barracks in a suburb of
                                                       the accident site

shampoo is the function of a head. it is the cost of a child’s race, gender and kinship, the three forms of body.

                                                       i am a woman
                                                       parting her long hair with ice
                                                       in primary school

child bride

she is hairless, fluffy, fuzzed, a character shooting stars, spots which pop the crowd. his history and chemistry freeze on fibres, and sections of abnormalities rise in peripheral nerves. in the showroom of his future he’ll sprint to 60 in 4.5 seconds.

                                                       he unupholsters
                                                       the governor’s tenured seat
                                                       going terminal

their sons describe the atmosphere. she sips only the dregs of coherent noise. bound for rejection, isolating adults and neonatal airways stale for months. here’s the day people accustomed to the conflagration of adorable conditions stretch their shoulders to see.

                                                       the youngest flower
                                                       thrown off the bridal bouquet
                                                       gets all primmed and curled

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