David Highsmith – Two Poems

David Highsmith

Two Poems

bill of lading

shadow organs deride
our uppermost reality

propose the provisional
freight on board

our least &
most evanescent standard

the same sun
to shine on

emu & blackstone
yet freight rates

vary, prehensile light
passing between loners

another equalized load
blotter console to

a slender barmaid
“not this trip”


“taken in its larger value
& implication…”
as he moves closer
snuggles up to homeland

their liaison amid a certitude
of ticking & blurred postmarks
a busy terminal, heightened awareness
each citizen’s duty

he fears, now, she knows
the limits of his defensive
capability, that she senses
his tactical vulnerability

she senses, now, his comprehension
of her own ideological
weakness, his readiness to exploit
any point of access

she winks a private wink
he nods a subtle nod
in recognition of the one
clandestine body each inhabits

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