Jonathan Hayes – 2 Poems

Jonathan Hayes

2 Poems

Italian Ice and Wiffle Ball

pink tofu
the glamour of sin

The Big Apple’s
intrinsic beauty

seeds floating
around the core

bubble toes

only the king
is allowed to eat
lychee fruit

three fires inside the flesh

grass jelly laughter

do not eat
the bittermelon seeds
or they will grow
in your stomach

playground games
low-income sweat
asphalt nostalgia

and the youth of today

Rupert was a brewmaster

life’s complications
are excuses, not reasons

the pigs and chickens
live happily, together

make naan
not war

batter up!

Wasp and Apple Gorgonzola Salad

Jell-O with

a misrepresentation
of the dragon will result in a loss of customers

reasons are unnecessary

happiness is overrated / depression is underrated

Blue Dolphin: 50% MDMA 20% Caffeine 20% DMX 10%unknown substance

purcussing the point
stethoscope serious


stuck in a Jacobean syndrome
coiled snake hissing at desk

the true experimentalist
does nothing in the most abstract way

n + o + t + h + i + n + g

to the “n” degree

thus spake

from the Dept. of Justice

in-between statutes

free from the wife

ex nihilo ex

unbound psychedelic



a blue rose sparkling with glitter

good-luck buddy
slap on the back

from Budweiser breath
flower vendor

the afternoon’s possibilities are false

three taps on the table
when tea is served


head soul

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