Susan Gevirtz – from MEASURE: Memorandum Drum

Susan Gevirtz

from MEASURE: Memorandum Drum


Voltage  No identifiable bite marks
Voltage Workers drag the bottom of exhaustion
Voltage Inborn ear perhaps velocity shed weight
V  “that by which we are no longer able to be able” – Blanchot
V Livid city red cross
V Come   #    Here     #      Oren


                       plunder in Ramallah
V Home again home again but then
V Livid city ellipse City caesura City pause hesitation lacunae Metropolis masturbation =

                 in a little box bed

                 echo demo so
       a way to miss / tryst of worst
                         a little wend way shed
Voltage Foreshade accompany that body

                             Water of sewage drank

                Water of all the seas from deduce
                     one member/we given/under

Statement as testament of
offers the speaker
a momentary respite from supplement

                              Water scourge sank
                            waker of the seas
                            of all the seen              worker

                                                     oh all across
                                                   oh accursed the darkened

Voltage Quadrangle refusal

              sated square

    Oh                       what was his name
                       wasn’t there
         I was younger by then

                                            all the gates
                                  a salted measure
               ten years later

           time hasn’t had
                         it’s day

[1st anniversary of Rodney King verdict, broadcast 10 yrs later]

                      Underwater Sound

                                             Got light

                                  not bought but as means of occurence
                                          means means of occurence

more paraphernalia for distant proximity:
       cam camera           sister suicide bomber

The future you asked about is a square torn out
     of the center of gold and orange money for the dead

           no smog   no weather
They stand on a land of magnet dirt



                                                entry gratified
                                                       granted  /

                                                                        that we

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