Angela Genusa – (genusa)

Angela Genusa

Warren Beatty vs. Julie Christie

wishy-washy lip handles
jaw habit innuendo oil

elephantine babar
in a barbershop jar

the shampoo
of not appear

lathered leper on
loofah of no-more-tears

nihilism rinse and set
beggar’s boob banquet

trichster trophy hunter
scalp massage gift certificate

mister bubble playmates
box pig ringlets in tights

hairy magnifying glass for
IDing amber soapbar pubes

rainy green monkey typing
on a pink enigma showercap

talcum-huffing wolf
pollution powder wig piglet

lightweight perm sans serif
sudsy terrorism font

the black moth-eaten
cape of not enough

fatuitous pH balance
for up-do homogeneity

this user is in your
extended hairnet

think glycerin rump
on pachyderm snarl

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