Jason Earls – 3 Poems

Jason Earls

3 Poems


“take the diamond out of your pocket.”
“put on your trench coat.”
“i can’t go to las vegas.”
“that would fuck up your whole theory.”
“oh goddamn he’s sick.”

[imagine you have
  a transcript
   which consists
    of every word
     you’ve ever spoken
      while you were asleep.]

“the highest opinion of entelechy.”
“lay the paper delicately on the desk.”
“stretch until the trapezius rips.”
“if you sail through a windshield,
try to rotate your body before descending.”
“oh goddamn she’s slick.”

No Solution

1. reverse about sigma
69. split the cleaves
276. live there against it
639. push holes into the void
2556. point your dish to black body ‘fossil’ radiation
?????. rules sequenced all have nothing-wisdom


        |                   |
        |                   |
                    ~~~~~~~~       +++

      like a turing machine,
      except completely useless.
      a contaminated catastrophe.

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