Katina Douveas – how it happened

Katina Douveas

how it happened

let me just say this… your yellow and green mine
the avocado bowl was yours and then yellow
a small observatory— clear and my green
and perfect for viewing yellow
the awe that are the avocado green
greens, like a night sky blue  black
bright then mellow,                it
a touch of some strange texture was dying and coming to life
with your tongue, like
the snowflakes that fall our avocado bowl
from the sky, melt on your sits still on the shelf
lips and then on mine, this the sky
is how we came to it it is clear

our avocadoes always sat there is love
together, stacked and mythic in all over us tonight
the corner of the fruit basket,
like stonehenge waiting to be
explored as they aged.  we never

separated them, yours and mine,
we ate of them by ripeness
(sometimes i would steal one of yours
and you would steal one of mine…they
weren’t held hostage, just died a quick
death in our mouths)

we never spoke of this

one night, your
dark frame like a picture
bumpy from the sun
you yield to the knife (even
a butter knife works) in a deft
twist, you are open and separated
revealing your smooth perfection

you yield,
you do not surrender
you make me wait

your yellow and green
yellow and
little scoop, then mine,

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