Katina Douveas – how to get from ken’s to kati

Katina Douveas

how to get from ken’s to katina’s (for ken)

take the b11 to the f
hail a cab
take it 1 block
get out and run

hijack the m20 bus
transfer to the g
ride it like a bitch

punch a cat in the face (for ken)
take the b6 to the f train
sip on some sizurp
get off at coney island

transfer onto the back of
a humongous cockroach
for three and a half blocks
duck into an alley
snort cocaine
call the cops

hitchhike back to the g
flip it off
throw yourself onto the 3rd rail
cry for mommy and piss blood

take the b61 to chinatown
transfer to the crackhead bus
blow up president bush
transfer to the f
take that to the space shuttle
explode into a thousand pieces
transfer to the q
hijak the l
wipe your butt with it
get off

take the q train uptown
transfer to the m20 bus
get a transfer on the bus
set it on fire and
shove it up your ass

piss your pants
roll yourself up into
a humongous joint
and smoke it
get reincarnated as the g train
slam into the nassau stop at 88mph
activate the flux capacitor
take the lamborghini to coney island
ride the cyclone 5 billion times in a row
transfer to the g
hijack the g
transfer to your mom
ride a donkey down broadway
smack your ass
take a quick left and
you’re home

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